Shout From Your Soul

Santa Fe • April 29-May 1, 2022

Unleash Your Authentic Voice

Make an Impact with Your Message

Join us for an in-person weekend retreat designed to open, strengthen, and activate your 5th Chakra.

This is where your Voice lives.

The energy center where the Messages your Soul wants to Share with the World exist.

Often, your Soul Voice is quiet, uncertain and tentative, due to lack of confidence, abuse and mental overwhelm, and confusion.

Now is the opportunity to release any negative energy, blockages, or fears that interfere with your ability to be heard and to be a powerful messenger for positive change.

Now is the opportunity to release any negative energy, blockages, or fears that interfere with your ability to be heard and to be a powerful messenger for positive change.

Shout from Your Soul will help you

Discover your True, Unique, and Authentic Message

Whether you desire to Write a Book, Create a Signature Talk, Launch a Podcast or Share your Wisdom with others in a branded Coaching Program.


with other Soul Inspired individuals in a safe place to share the words you want to express that may be judged in other environments, which stifle your creative expression.


to activate your Authentic Voice this year and share your Message in a Big, Bold, Badass way.


fear, trauma, and uncertainty around being seen as a Leader in your Field of Expertise.


the exact words to clearly and confidently share your Soul Message with others.


a specific plan to accomplish a Major Project that nourishes your Life Legacy – write a book, give a speech, or launch your own business.


the Courage to up-level your life by stepping onto your Destiny Path and earning more money by serving others with your wisdom.

Communication is the most powerful transformational tool available to you in your life.

When you have mastered the ability to speak with clarity, confidence, and authority the World will listen and respond.

During the event you will have the invitation to step on stage and share your truth, workshop the exact words, titles, and content for your unique message, and experience a breakthrough in whatever block or belief is holding you back.

If you have dreamed of living a Laptop Lifestyle with the FREEDOM to travel, make your own hours, and work from anywhere in the world…

The key to unlocking this DREAM and making it a REALITY is crafting a crystal-clear message and unique coaching content based on your life experiences and expertise.

This is your legacy!

You’re already an Expert in your Life’s Purpose… Now is the time to express your Soul Inspired Message with Ease and Grace.

Shamanic Soul Retrieval for your Message

When we have missing parts of ourselves due to wounds, trauma and anxiety, it can feel almost overwhelming to speak your truth. In a paradox, the wordless healing that comes from Shamanic Energy Medicine offers you a powerful path to unlock these experiences, both in your conscious and subconscious mind, so you have a new path available to speak the truth you long to share.

Shout from Your Soul offers Shamanic Ceremony,
Ritual and Energy Healing throughout the Weekend.

Shout From
Your Soul

Santa Fe • April 29-May 1, 2022

Early Bird Deal:

$497 + Bring a Friend for $249

Regularly $697/person

Good through December 31, 2021

Payment Plans available through March 22, 2022;
Must be paid in full by April 22, 2022

VIP Upgrade:

VIP Day – Thursday, April 28, 10 am – 5 pm
VIP Reception –  Saturday, April 30, 5-7 pm


Unlock Your Message Workshop (Limit 25)

  • Write your Truth with Personalized Step-by-Step Guidance on Language and Content
  • Time on Stage to Breakthrough Public Speaking Anxiety
  • Intimate Shamanic Ceremony to Activate your Voice
  • Wordsmith through inspired writing prompts designed to help you discover your Soul’s Message

Intimate supportive group environment infused with Sacred Energy anchored in the intention to Cultivate your Creativity, Confidence, and Clarity.

Shout From Your Soul

Shout From Your Soul