If you are an aspiring author who just released a book, you may want others to know about it. How do you get the interview? How do you get the assignment editor to take a look at your next event and cover it?Try these 3 steps:

• Impending interview opportunity

Do you have a book signing coming up? A reading at the local library? This is the perfect time to let the assignment editor know you have a relevant, immediate and fresh opportunity to come out and cover your story. Assignment editors live in a 24 hour news cycle so anything that is happening in the near future will be noticed as opposed to something happening two weeks from now.

• Availability

Let assignment editors know when you are available for interviews. They may not need your expertise that day or week but may need it a few weeks from now. If they know when you are available, they can keep you in mind as a resource. If you go this route, be ready for a an interview at any time and be ready to say “yes” or risk not getting a phone call the next time an opening unexpectedly appears for interview.

• Pitch to specific time slots or programming or breaking news

Did you write a book on pandas and the local news just named its two pandas? Call the assignment editor and let them know about your book and offer to interview about the subject. Take advantage of breaking news opportunities. Also, research specific programming and segments. Does the local midday show feature a cooking segment and you have a cook book for sale? Call and see if you can get booked to demonstrate one of your signature dishes in the cooking segment.

You will have to do some leg work and stay in tuned with local and national news to make the most of these opportunities. If you can do this, you may see yourself on TV sooner than you know it.