Once you get your big chance to do a television interview, you should know a few tips on being in the studio and how to interact with the camera. Whether you are in a studio or on location, these are a few camera and lighting tips to keep in mind when filming:

  • A small lavaliere mic positioned in the center of the chest is generally used in on camera interviews.
  • For the best results, adjust the camera height relative to your sightline.
  • Cameras can increase or decrease perceived authority by how high or low they are set (If a camera is set to look down on the interviewee, he or she appears subservient.   If the camera is placed at a lower angle looking up, there is a perception of authority and credibility.)
  • The main lighting is usually on the side where the interviewee is looking and additional lighting is used to reduce shadows.
  • Choose the interview location if you can. It will help to set the tone of your interview and provide opportunities for better camera positions that flatter your business or organization.

Ask the interviewer to describe the process. They should tell you about any equipment challenges, go over a few warm up questions, or answer any questions you may have. Don’t be afraid to ask questions! You want to do your best so it’s up to you ask the right questions and advocate for the best interview possible.