March 23-25, 2023 | Costa Rica
It’s time to rise up into
the fabulous soul you are.

The Soul Emergence

Are you ready to call in your true voice and break the bonds that are holding you back from what you’re meant to express in this world?

Taking place in the deliciously intoxicating Costa Rica, where you’ll swoon over the lush jungle vibe, quaint restaurants, and boho boutiques.


Dates: March 23-25, 2023

Join us for this luxe weekend experience…
part mastermind – part open-your-mind – with other entrepreneurial pioneers, ambitious thought leaders, authors, and speakers who are ready to
amplify (and electrify), what’s been lying dormant inside,
just waiting for the stars to align so that their

Message Can Emerge…

The Soul Emergence is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity where our powerful team of experts aligned their schedules to help you excavate your wisdom and mine for gold that exists at your core, so that you can bring your message into the world!

This immersive
experience will

Unfurl your voice

Release your biggest dreams

And let all of your brilliance bubble to the surface.

The Soul Emergence is not your average event where you’re ushered into a stuffy hotel room, in front of a green screen, where some bro shouts empty platitudes at you from behind a camera, commands you to smile (and probably shouts at you to speak up), and you walk away with some empty version of a talk, instead of what actually needs to be released at a soul level.

That is NOT what we do.

Want to know how we do things differently?
Take a peek to see what you’ll experience at the Soul Emergence Retreat

Discover your core message that is clawing to get out, craft a bold strategy on how to package it, and soak up the most profitable media opportunities, all while sunning yourself and manifesting your truest desires!

Build bankable connections with ambitious women who are setting and reaching for goals, who won’t take “No” for an answer. Everyone deserves a squad who builds each other up, nourishes your soul, and pushes you to dream bigger!

Take stock of what you want your business to look like. Time freedom, A-list speaker, and boujee travel? Or maybe you want to road-trip in a customized van, living the laptop lifestyle…whatever fits your fancy, let’s map it out so you have a clear path to get there!

I’m so ready! I need the

Soul Emergence Retreat

Ready For More Exclusive Details On The
Soul Emergence Retreat?

We’ve thought through every detail…

Revel in the intoxication of the Costa Rica beach life, where the relaxing and reflective vibe will allow in new messages and revelations that mundane daily life and 9-5’s, block you from hearing

Work with somatic movement each day to release old fears and stuck energy that reside in the body and hold you back from bringing forth your message

Unlock powerful pathways with our shamanic healers, from the subconscious and conscious alike, creating new pathways to allow you to speak your truth that you’re longing to share

Your Hosts

Kristen White

Kristen White is a content catalyst and powerful interviewer.

She can quickly add the crisp clarity, magic dust, and unique brand elements to any message, book, product, or campaign. Through her award-winning interview skills, Kristen will excavate and synthesize a personal story and legacy into a magnetic brand and content strategy. Her strong intuitive insight, journalistic training, and versatile wordsmithing, offer clients a wellspring of fingerprint language options to apply to all levels of their written, spoken, and video communication.

Kristen is a bestselling author, award-winning documentary film director and cast member, television series creator/writer, and television on-camera journalist. As the CEO of Rock the Stage, Page, and Screen™, a digital media and marketing company, Kristen supports clients with unique personal brand development, speech writing and performance, book concepts, titles, outlines and marketing, and online business consulting.

Angela Howard

Angela Howard, Founder and CEO of WildHeart Expressive, has an undergraduate degree in Psychology and a masters in International Business and Finance. She was an executive at Coca-Cola, Certified Financial Planner, professional dancer, and choreographer. She is a somatic movement therapist and has had a holistic healing practice, including the aerial arts, for over 20 years. She is a motivational speaker and has led a diversity of transformational workshops. She has been a published writer, and a host on her own TV and radio shows. The environmentalist in her perseveres to protect her beloved Tennessee River. She is currently pitching a TV series and writing several more.

What Results Can You Expect?

We’ll be focusing on four key areas

Creating a Foundation for your EMPIRE

It’s time to survey what lies at your core and bring forth your authentic message. We’ll excavate the wisdom that only you have, shed what no longer serves you, and craft an intentional plan to create an emboldened blueprint for your empire to emerge.

Breaking the Bonds

It’s time to break free from imposter syndrome. If you’ve ever struggled with an “upper limit” problem, we’ll get to the root and release unseen self-sabotage. Old fears, traumas, and uncertainty can hide as heavy energy in the body and stifle your creativity. You’ll experience a daily somatic movement practice, using all the earthly elements – to Move From Your Heart –which will release what’s been holding you back and allow you to
finally become unstoppable!

Speaking Boldly

We know you’re tired of shrinking into the background so we’ll help you Shout From Your Soul by weaving words and creating a message that can only come from your experiences. You’ll be invited to step on stage and share your truth, workshop the exact words, titles, and content for your unique message with the support of Kristen and Angela
every step of the way.

Building a Tight-Knit Squad

Unlike other events where you sit in a chair and listen and maybe make a connection or two between breaks (that fizzle out after a couple of weeks), at the Soul Emergence, it’s all about building deep and lasting bonds that lift you up and keep you focused on the goal of creating your speaking empire. Ambitious women supporting and cheering each other on, while shooting for the stars.

The Itinerary

Each Morning:

You’ll be led through Somatic Movement that will help you shake off what doesn’t serve you, release aches and pains, and experience the elements, to help you connect to your essence.

Daily Breakouts:

Where you’ll work through getting your talk out into the open, how to say it so it resonates with your audience, and getting peer and professional critiques to improve and amplify your message.

Strategic Business and Story Building:

Each day we will work together to dig deep into your core messaging, brand story, the anatomy of your talk, and the inspirational close to move your audience to action. You’ll walk away with the collateral you’ll need to showcase your bold story and start moving towards your business aspirations – speaking on the biggest stages of the world!

Each Evening:

Shamanic Ceremony to heal the wounded messenger within. Intention setting, clearing and balancing energy to release blockages and entanglements that reside between your throat and heart chakras.

Here’s how you’ll know if you’re the right fit for this event…

Do you want another day, month, or year of…

Words catching in your throat when you want to speak up and speak out?
Putting your dreams on the back burner because you’ve been putting everyone else’s needs above your own?
Watching a revolving door of your life, circling and circling, never really making progress towards what you really want?

When you’re ready to say ENOUGH! and step into the emboldened and empowered speaker, author, thought leader you are, reaching levels of success you’ve only dreamed of…

Then don’t waste another second in indecision. Find out more…

About the Retreat Resort

Roc Luxe Hotel

Roc Luxe Hotel, the finest of all Tulum resorts, is a genuine oceanfront hideaway overlooking Tulum’s best beach.

Rooms starting at $250/night are available in the Shout From Your Soul, Move from Your Heart block.

Hotel guest reservations include:

  • Continental Breakfast with Sea View
  • Access to Roc Tulum Beach Club (Sunbeds included!)
  • Access to Roc Gym (requires reservation)

On-site restaurants range from a beachfront fine dining restaurant to laid-back grills and lounges, as well as, of course, a mezcalera.

Shout From Your Soul, Move From Your Heart

Costa Rica • March 23-25, 2023

Early Access Special:

4 Payments of $399
or $1,500 one-time payment

Savings Available
through December 16, 2022

Bring a Friend Bonus:

Only an extra $597

Invite your Business Partner, a Personal Friend, a Zoom Bestie, or your Favorite Buddy from your last retreat. 

Early Access Only Offer, Available
through December 16, 2022

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VIP Social Media Safari Upgrade

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Costa Rica is the hotspot for influencers to create magical content with the sugar-white sands and boho vibes.

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Here’s what the upgrade includes:

Two calls prior to the event

3 exclusive small group sessions during the retreat for social media strategy

Includes one meeting on Sunday, March 26th (10 AM-3PM)

A super fun social media safari with friends to create your best content

1:1 VIP Social Platform analytic consultation

Immersive 2 days of filming, batching & strategizing your next 90 days of content

Social Media mini-course covering Instagram, Facebook, TikTok & LinkedIn

Short Form Video (Reels) Mini Course

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Can’t Travel to Costa Rica?
Virtual Tickets Available!

$597 $397 Early Access ends on

Just because you can’t make it this time doesn’t mean you have to miss out! Get a VIRTUAL ticket and join us for all of the training sessions from wherever you are!

Frequently Asked Questions

Are hotel & airfare included?

No. Your registration includes attendance at the Shout From Your Soul, Move From Your Heart Retreat only.

Where should I stay?

We highly recommend staying at Roc Luxe Tulum, where the retreat is being held. A block of rooms is reserved for ease of booking. If you wish to stay somewhere else, choose an Airbnb or other hotel in the Tulum Hotel Zone. If staying off-property, you are responsible for your own transportation to the Retreat each day.

If I bring a friend, do we each get our room?
The Roc Luxe Hotel offers rooms with a King bed and a day bed on the property. You and your friend may be sharing a bed like when you were teenagers having a sleepover. You can also choose to get your own private rooms.
When should I arrive?

The Retreat begins at 9 AM on March 23rd. Please arrive on or before March 22nd.

When should I depart?

The Retreat ends at 9 PM on March 25th. Please leave on or after March 26th. If you are upgrading to the Social Media Beachfront Bonanza, that extends until 3 PM on March 26th, so you will need to schedule your flight home after 7 PM on March 26th.

Are any of my meals included?

Hotel guests of Roc Luxe Hotel receive a continental breakfast each day of their stay. Dinner is not provided, but there are 4 restaurants on the property and others nearby.

What if I want to do some siteseeing?

There’s so much to do in Tulum and we encourage you to explore. There will be some blocks of time to independently explore the area or extend your stay to visit the Ruins, swim with turtles, explore the cenotes, or treat yourself to spa treatments.

Should I get Travel Insurance?

Yes! Travel insurance is strongly recommended to protect your trip. We suggest SquareMouth.

Do I need a passport?

Yes. A valid passport is required to travel to Mexico from any other country.

What if I can't make it?

The Retreat fee is non-refundable. If you are unable to attend and have purchased Travel Insurance, check with your policy issuer for details on reimbursement.


This is a one-time exclusive event.
If there’s anything at all tugging at you,
telling you this is your chance, then don’t wait…

Shout From Your Soul,
Move From Your Heart

Shout From Your Soul,
Move From Your Heart

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