Schedule with Kristen

You are invited to begin scheduling your Private Calls with Kristen. The schedule of each call is below, however, you may schedule them as you see fit.

Each call has its own calendar, so please be sure to use the unique link for each call.

Call #1: Brainstorm of Your Topic, Title and Talk Structure:

Schedule within 2 weeks of enrolling in the RTS program
This call will provide you will several options for you to consider about the direction of your talk. It’s a creative process and ultimately the direction of your talk is up to you.

Call #2: Edit and Develop Talk Structure

Schedule sixty (60) days or more prior to your speaking date

This call must include notes from you for the purpose of editing and review. In the absence of your notes, this call will be limited to 20 minutes. For notes to be reviewed prior to the call, they must be received 24 hours in advance to be discussed on the call. Email notes to and cc


Call #3: Practice and Fine Tune your Performance:

Schedule thirty (30) days prior to your speaking date

You may provide a performance via a video recording for review or we may discuss your revised script. Email updated script and/or link to video recording to and cc