Public Speaking

How to become a Public Speaker

Public speaking is a skill that requires practice and persistence. Many speakers face internal fears, self-doubt, and a scrambled message. However, with focus and repetition, you can “crack the code” and become a highly paid and sought-after keynote speaker. It’s a professional goal worth pursuing because of the potential for significant career growth and global fame as a thought leader.

Famous professional speakers include Tony Robbins, Brene Brown, Gary Vaynerchuk and Iyanla Vanzant. These top-level public speakers earn upwards of $200K per 90-minute talk. Many are accomplished authors and speaking is a way to promote the sale of more books and grow their global following with a transformational message delivered from stages around the globe.

The world’s largest stage is TED or TEDx, and every year speakers around the world launch their public speaking career from a TEDx stage. These TED and TEDx talks can attract millions of views over a short span of time once posted to the TED YouTube channel.

Even if you are not a famous public speaker or a TEDx speaker yet… it’s still a worthy pursuit.

The ability to deliver a crisp, targeted, polished message from the stage is the most important tool in the professional toolbox for executive consultants, life coaches, and authors. Experts in the self-improvement marketplace, who use public speaking to attract new clients and sell more books, experience exponentially higher business growth than their counterparts who stay away from the stage.

Being a powerful communicator is a key element of establishing your online business and having a clear plan around your messaging strategy will help your ideal clients easily identify that you are the best person to support them in their personal or professional development goals.

Do you have a list of titles and talks that you are ready to deliver if a meeting planner were to contact you and invite you to their upcoming event?

Being prepared is a big part of the journey for a professional public speaker. It’s an exciting career path because you’re invited to travel around the world and inspire large audiences with your transformational message. Luxury hotels, first-class travel, and an adoring audience – these are the perks of being a professional public speaker.

Aim higher, dream bigger

There are many traditional paths to developing yourself as a professional keynote speaker.

These paths include a local Toastmasters chapter all the way up to a professional organization called the National Speakers Association (NSA) – and training in public speaking is an important part of the equation.

Often as a public speaking professional, before ever stepping on the stage, you need to write a talk that will energize and excite your audience. The best talks given by keynote speakers can shift the perspective of their audience in 90 minutes or less. Therefore, many professional public speakers are also called motivational speakers.

Next, once the talk is written, it’s important to rehearse your speaker’s script out loud dozens of times. New speakers often make the mistake of reviewing the talk silently in their mind but when it comes time to deliver the talk, it falls apart.


Increased Visibility and Reach

TEDx Talks are renowned for their wide reach, often shared across various platforms including the TED website, YouTube, and social media. This exposure can significantly boost your visibility, reaching thousands or even millions of viewers globally.

Establishing Credibility and Authority

Speaking at a TEDx event positions you as an expert in your field. This enhanced credibility can open doors to new opportunities such as consulting offers, speaking engagements, and collaborations.

Networking Opportunities

TEDx events often attract a diverse audience, including industry leaders, innovators, and other speakers. Participating in these events can lead to valuable connections and potential partnerships.

Personal Branding and Reputation

A TEDx Talk is a powerful tool for personal branding. It showcases your thought leadership and expertise, enhancing your professional reputation. This can be particularly valuable for consultants, entrepreneurs, and professionals seeking to establish or strengthen their brand.

Catalyst for Other Opportunities

A successful TEDx Talk can be a springboard to other speaking opportunities, book deals, media appearances, or academic engagements. These can offer both direct and indirect financial benefits.

Public Speaking is the #1 path to growing your consulting business and selling more books.

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