Public Speaking Confidence

Whether you have spent hours crafting your words for an important presentation or are mustering up the courage to share your personal story in public, confidence is the key to achieving success with your audience. Even if you are an expert in your field, if you communicate without expression or poise, the audience is bound to get disinterested. Body language plays a crucial role in public speaking, and aligned body language instantly builds a connection with your audience or peers.


We tend to think that communication is a verbal, intellectual exercise, while in fact communication — particularly public presentation — is a physical expression as well.

It is you, in physical form, who are presenting those words to an audience, and your body carries its own subliminal but forceful messages through your gestures and your tone of voice. So, it’s possible that your words may be saying one thing, but your body language quite another. Unfortunately, it is your body language which resonates most with audiences.

Lots of research supports this — for example, a landmark UCLA study showed that gestures count for a whopping 55% of the impact you have on an audience, while your tone of voice makes up 38%. Your words? A measly 7%. So, the non-verbal part of your presentation accounts for 93% of its impact!


Actions Speak Louder Than Words.

Which leads us to a simple and irrevocable truth: When it comes to body language, actions really do speak louder than words, and your body language can make or break your presentation. Is your non-verbal language telling the same story as your verbal message? When they are not aligned, this breeds mistrust and you and your message are invisible to the audience.

Sometimes we are aware of our limiting beliefs and insecurities and other times they are hidden, operating our lives from the shadows where we stuffed them and ignored them, but our bodies continue to broadcast these negativities. These are the ISSUES IN YOUR TISSUES that are MESSING WITH YOUR MESSAGES. We can help!

One of the fastest and most effective ways to move beyond these issues and cultivate steadfast confidence as a messenger is Somatic Expressive Training.

Using conscious body awareness movement inspired by natures elements and motivational music, you will address the four cornerstones of an engaging presentation:

A. Physical -posture and body alignment
B. Mental – clarity and certainty
C. Fear – redirect nervousness into passion and excitement for your message
D. Flexibility – ability to roll with the unexpected – unwavering

Long-term results will:

  • Transform nervous energy into comforting authenticity
  • Release limiting beliefs so your message has power
  • Reveal hidden restraints and liberates their constriction
  • Connect to your inner voice and align your body with your message
  • Attain basic tools to develop self-assurance and strengthen your ability to present in front of others.

Exhibiting confidence in public speaking is a skill that anyone can possess with the proper mindset and preparation. When you look, sound, and feel your best, you are more likely to connect with your audience, convey your key points with conviction, and get the results you seek.

Confidence = Trust = Action