If you want private branding, unique language, and step-by-step guidance on developing your online business and visibility, then private one-to-one consulting with Kristen White is available.

What we do

During these in-person sessions and private calls, Kristen will work with you privately to formulate branding, language, concepts, action steps, and the latest online business strategies that are best suited to reach your business goals. These can include live event planning, telesummits, e-course development, book marketing, and video and media strategies for greater visibility online. The plans co-created will be executed by your team on an ongoing basis. These private calls are recorded and notes are taken.

Business Concepts

Brand Language

Content Strategies

Market Positioning

Social Media Campaigns

Naming of Your Content and Services


Rock the Stage, Page, and Screen offers full-day and a half intensive planning in-person private sessions and follow-up private calls to help you gain clarity on your message and create a step-by-step plan of action to achieve your business goals. Kristen and the team will work with you to create strategies for attracting the media, design a digital product, and create email and content marketing that will strategically position your brand in the eyes of your consumers. Our goal is that you will leave each session with sharp focus and an achievable action list.


Sharing compelling content with your audience is essential to positioning your brand and establishing yourself as an expert in your field. Rock the Stage, Page, and Screen works with you to decide which digital platforms are most useful for your unique brand and how to reach the largest audience possible and make an impact with your content. The team at Rock the Stage, Page, and Screen also help you craft your message so that it effectively represents your business and has the highest possible rate of conversion.


The team at Rock the Stage, Page, and Screen will work directly with you and your team to document task lists and create action steps.