Are you a coach, executive, speaker, or leader who knows you need a non-fiction book to establish yourself as a Thought Leader, yet you do not have the time to sit down in front of a blank screen and write the book?

Let’s face it,
you’re an expert.

You can easily talk off script for hours about any aspect of your topic. But when it comes time to write out your message in a book, your flow is suddenly shut off.

The solution is to “talk your book” through a series of well-crafted questions and planned interviews based on your book outline. 

I’m Kristen White, a seasoned journalist, content expert, author of two bestselling books, a documentarian, and a TV series creator and host.

My entire life, I’ve been a messenger, a writer, a creator; and it’s my passion and purpose to make you a more powerful messenger.

To be a Thought Leader, you need a place where people can consume your thoughts, read your ideas, and follow your guidance and expertise.

Imagine a published book in your hands this year!

See yourself opening the box full of your fresh, new books.
Look at the bold cover, flip through the clean pages and feel the weight in your hands.

Recognize its Transformational Power!

Next, visualize receiving the compliments, admiration, and happiness from your readers who are filled with gratitude that you invested the focus, energy, and time to write this book with the power to transform their lives.

A published book will do the following things for your career if you’re a coach, executive, leader, or speaker:

  • Attract invitations to bigger stages with higher speaking fees
  • Build your credibility as an expert in your field
  • Start a movement based on your philosophy
  • Increase the number of people who want to be coached or mentored by you
  • Create a legacy that will endure beyond your lifetime
  • Allow others to follow you and build upon the wisdom you have cultivated
  • Get you invitations to appear on television interviews and podcasts
  • Increase the money you earn speaking from books sales in the back of the room
  • Establish your “Why” and help others understand instantly who you are and what you’re about
  • Claim a “territory in the collective conversation” showcasing your passion and purpose

Your book is the
Ultimate Business Card

It opens doors, attracts invitations, establishes you as an expert and allows people to connect with your viewpoint.

Your book is the
Ultimate Business Card

It opens doors, attracts invitations, establishes you as an expert and allows people to connect with your viewpoint.

Case Studies

John Oxford

John Oxford was already a successful speaker, several companies invited him every year to be in a line-up of speakers for their conference, but invitations to the keynote main stages evaded him. He knew he needed a book. Yet, as a busy professional, there was simply no time to write one. We solved this with our unique process. Now he’s a bestseller, a keynote favorite, and selling hundreds of books every time he speaks.

What could a book do for your Speaking Career?


Peter Bonaker, PhD.

Peter Bonaker is a Ph.D. and a senior instructor for Shamanic Studies. His work with the indigenous tribes in Peru is part of a life legacy he has built over decades. He had piles of notes and meticulous files from thousands of private sessions but never thought he had the time or focus to write a book. Now he has a best-selling book and his legacy as a thought leader on his topic of expertise is established.

What could a book do for your Legacy?


Dr. Kim Nugent

Kim Nugent was ready to pivot in a new direction and re-vamp her brand, message, and online business. She wanted a new book fast. We helped solidify the idea and lay the groundwork and the book was born in only 90 days. She was able to get an invitation to create a curriculum for a prestigious CEO organization as the result of her new book.

What could a book do for your Business?


James B.

On-Location Video Production
Signature Interview

James is a mega-successful tech entrepreneur, who wanted to create a book about his business growth philosophy. He’s also an avid pilot. We came up with the idea of doing the book interviews in his plane hangar. The video turned out amazing! He was able to leverage his busy schedule by creating a book manuscript and website and social media footage, for almost a year, all over the course of a few days.

What could a Signature Interview do to

 position you as a Global Thought Leader?


Flexible Location

Meet in person in Santa Fe, New Mexico; Denver, Colorado; or we’ll come to you. We can also meet 100% virtually.

Professional Interview

Create your book with minimal writing. Instead, we will you interview over a series of recorded sessions.

Fast Transcription

Just a few days after we meet, you’ll have a completely transcribed manuscript, ready for professional editing.

Video Footage

If you choose to meet in person, we’ll bring our film crew to tape the interview sessions. Use these to promote your book and services.

Edited Clips

With your filmed interview footage, we’ll create 30-minute videos for future use and review. Trim them down for social media clips.

Plan Ahead

Before we meet for the interview sessions, we’ll meet over the phone to plan and outline your book to best utilize our time together.

The Ultimate Book Interview

is a shortcut,

a secret weapon,

a fast track,

a quantum leap,

an insider’s hack,

to get a book completed

in the shortest amount of time possible.

What Our Clients
Have to Say

What Our Clients
Have to Say

Fear doesn’t shut you down, it wakes you up.