Media kits may seem like a mysterious tool used in public relations to engage the media. But it is an easy promotional guide that helps media understands who you are, what you do and what new activities you are undertaking.

Media kits can be used to promote a new product, a new company launch, a merger or acquisition or a large event like a trade show. Whenever you have a big announcement to make to the public and the media, you need a kit that outlines your background. Your kit should include:

  • A press release of the current news the media kit is sent in reference to
  • Media contact information
  • Historical information on the company or individual.
  • Fact sheet listing specific features, statistics, or benefits.
  • Biographies of key individuals
  • Past press coverage
  • High resolution photos of key executives, logos, products, etc.
  • Collateral advertising material including postcard, flyer, newspaper ad, etc.

Media kits can also be electronic. All the items listed can be saved on a CD, DVD, video, internet link or USB drive. Make sure any images or logos are high resolution. There are a lot of items that should be included in this kit so don’t hesitate to hire a professional team to put one together for you. The extra expense could be the best investment you make. After all, when you have a big announcement, there is little room for error to gain the media’s attention.