There are so many types of media hooks to choose from that it certainly doesn’t hurt to share more ideas that are relevant and media ready. Here’s “Media Hooks, Part 2”:

  • Defy the current popular idea – nothing gets the attention of media faster than someone who disagrees with the popular theory. If you truly believe that your point of view is right and the popular idea is way off base, there is no reason why you can’t express that notion. Please take care in approaching this hook. You have to truly believe in your idea and be ready to hear from those who disagree. If you have a high tolerance for debate, think about tackling this one.
  • Recipe hook – everybody loves to eat and most people like to cook. There are a few who like to create their own recipes as well. Create a contest where those home chefs can shine and also put you in the spotlight. Try to create a contest that incorporates your business into. Perhaps it is a baking recipe that incorporates the company logo, ingredients for the area or a unique name using the company name.
  • History hook – tie your hook to a relevant history or fun fact. For example, if you are a caterer or restaurateur, check out the daily, weekly and monthly food holidays and pitch the media. If you are a hamburger joint, pitch the media prior to National Hamburger Day.

This list is not exhaustive. There are tons more ideas on good hooks that the media will love. Think about your business and determine what hooks are right for you.