What is a hook? In media and journalism circles it refers to what makes the story you tell relevant. For example, if you are writing a story on daycares, you will want to think about what makes daycares a relevant topic. Has there been recent legislation related to daycares or is there a new concept around daycares that is becoming popular? Finding a good hook is easy. See these options below:

  • Event hook – is there an event you can create or join that could give you exposure? Can you co-sponsor a 5K, coordinate a day for at risk youths or organize a food festival (Greek fest, Italian fest)? Putting together an event will put your name out there and give you a relevant subject to promote to the media. Of course it should go without saying to choose an event you feel passionate about.
  • Non-profit hook – is there a non-profit you can partner with for a day of hands-on work? Is there an animal shelter in your community where you and your employees can do a day of fostering or walking dogs? Is there a cause you would like to raise money and awareness for by coordinating an event at your business? Incorporating an non-profit into your media plans is a win-win for you and the non-profit. The non-profit can alert its board and its employees to your generous partnership and the local news has minutes to fill with “good news”. This is the type of hook that media likes to share.
  • Contest hook – creating a contest is a great way to generate publicity and should be easy to incorporate into your social media platforms. Try a contest with elements of humor and opportunities for personal engagement. For example, a contest that names a new dessert chooses the next color for new car model or takes the winner on a cruise. This is an easy hook for media to explore.

Hooks are all about what is relevant. Media is all about what is happening NOW. Take that idea and see if there is something within your business that can benefit from a good hook!