Video 4 of 6:

How to Develop An Expert Media Mindset

In the fourth video of the training series, you will discover:


Whether or not your mindset is in alignment with your life purpose


How to claim your expertise


What you must do to make money and build your business


The rule about serving yourself first


Simple ways to fight off resistance and finally achieve your media expert goals

Is it possible that the one thing keeping you from becoming a Media Expert is…you? One of the most common ways authors, entrepreneurs, and business owners unconsciously sabotage their success is by undercharging, over-working, overcomplicating, and under-valuing their services and expertise.

The information you learn in this video is the make it or break it information. If you’re not ready to be a transformational media expert then you could spend hundreds of hours and thousands of dollars on a dream that won’t come true.

So learn what it takes to develop a media expert mindset and see the impact to your bottom line.

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This is the fourth of six videos in my exclusive Authentic Voice Media Expert Training. The videos contain step-by-step information to help you step into the spotlight as the recognized media expert in your field.  

If you are ready to move fast and take a bold, leap into the most empowered version of yourself, let’s connect!

Kristen White

Kristen White

Kristen White is a creative content catalyst. She will help you find your unique words in your authentic voice for your bestselling book, TEDx talk, movie or television screenplay, or life coaching website.

A former television journalist for ABC, CBS, and NBC, an award-winning Documentarian, a 2X Bestselling Author, a TV writer and creator, and the host of Mandala, a spirituality wellness program on Amazon Prime, Kristen has spent her life as a messenger ever since she wrote letters to constituents for an Arizona Congressmen while in college.

Specifically, if you are seeking new, concise, original brand language development, public speaking performance coaching and speech writing, book writing, interviews, publishing and book publishing, TV script development, writing and pitching, and professional video production of your speaking and media appearances.