Getting in front of a television camera or interviewing on a television show can feel like being in front of a big interrogation lamp for most of us! It’s natural for media interviews to feel uncomfortable and intimidating. To take some of the nervousness and fear out of your next appearance, try thinking of these easy tips to prepare yourself:
• Have a game plan.

Know what you want to say and promote prior to the interview. Know the steps to the recipe or the mission of the organization before you step in front of the camera. The more you feel comfortable with the message and the details, the more confident you will feel.
• Practice, practice, practice!

Establish a list of likely questions and practice answering those questions with 15-20 second answers. Write down the questions and answers. Have a trusted friend or colleague who can provide feedback on your answers and demeanor. Are you using your hands too much? Saying fillers words such as “like” or “um” too much? Be open to honest feedback. The more you practice, the less fear you have about the interview.
• Adjust your expectations.

The more you attribute unrealistic expectations to the interview, the more you may feel anxiety about the interview. So expect detailed questions. Expect those questions to be asked multiple times in different ways. Expect a reporter to cut you off and your answers edited. Expect distractions like moving cameras and staff walking around in the background.

Good interviews result from preparation. Know your information and you will feel much better about your next appearance in front of the camera. Relax, have fun and enjoy the spotlight.

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