A television appearance is the holy grail of media exposure to most business owners, but it is also the most difficult to obtain. Creating the aura of a subject matter expert that appeals to a television reporter doesn’t happen overnight. Television appearances can be elusive when you first begin your pursuit, but it is far from hopeless.

Becoming a TV media expert is within reach if you have patience and keep these five tips in mind:

● Keep it local

You may think that national exposure is exactly what you want and need, but staying local or regional will yield more opportunities for exposure. Stirring up buzz around your product or service in your own “backyard” gives leverage to start building your subject matter expert status and gives you tangible media placements to use on your Press page on your website. You have a website and a “Press” or “In The Media” section on your website, right? If not, get one started NOW. Let White Media Agency show you how.

● Research your reporter

When dealing with the media, a reporter can sense if you know what their area of news coverage is based on your story ideas. For example, don’t pitch the Education reporter about your new eco-friendly initiatives. Take the time to find out what reporter covers your area of expertise and take time to craft an idea that fits the reporter’s interest. This is a sure fire way to stand out and get the interview.

● Make it visual

Television is all about what you see. To engage a reporter, make your story idea as visual as possible. Use a demonstration, go on site to the event you’re promoting or cook the recipe in front of the reporter. To grab a television reporter’s attention, they need to show the viewer an activity, so give them one!

● If emailing a pitch, take time with your subject line

Reporters get a ton of emails on a daily basis. You may have the most amazing story idea but you have to get the reporter to open your email. You must have a compelling email subject line. Take your time in crafting an attention-grabbing subject line. Keep the character count under 60. Anything longer will ramble on too long for the reporter to read it. If it is too generic, it will get lost in the mass of other emails they get hourly. It is acceptable to identify that you are sending media related materials with a beginning statement of “MEDIA ALERT” or “PRESS RELEASE”. If you have breaking news about your business, feel free to put “URGENT” in the subject line.

● Be a resource

Once you get to know a reporter’s area of expertise, be a resource. Send links or articles of interest. Email information about events or activities that you may not directly be involved with but you think may be newsworthy to them. They sometimes have a hard time filling airtime on any given day and appreciate a little help every now and again. It also shows you are on top of the most recent developments on their beat thereby building up your subject matter expert status. It won’t be long before they call or email you asking for story ideas.
The road to getting television exposure can be long and winding. But keep these tips and mind and you will be ready for your close up sooner than you think.

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