Whether you are a novice to creating media worthy pitches or a veteran of media game, it is always a good time to review and keep in mind good media habits so that you can continue to get the best media coverage possible or get your foot in the door.

  • Create a well written press release or media alert – it would be great if you could call a producer or editor with your compelling story and they retain all of the information and excitement you conveyed. Unfortunately, they get hundreds of emails each day. No matter how intriguing your story may be, there is always something bigger, better or burning down around the corner that they will feel is a better story to cover. Don’t despair. Believe it or not, producers and editors remember well written press releases and awful ones. If you present a professional, honed release time and time again, they will actually remember you. Getting top of mind is incredibly hard but can be done with consistent releases and alerts.
  • Take the interview! – That might sound elementary but in this business, it is common for producers or editors to approach a possible interviewee and that person says no because they have a haircut schedule during the interview time it’s too early in the morning. Don’t be one of those people. Media interviews are hard to come by and passing one up can make it difficult to get another invite. Do everything in your power to accept the invitation and tell your story to the public. Don’t let a scheduling conflict or fear deter you from getting in front of the camera and showcasing your business or cause.
  • Know the producers and editors who make decisions – Get on a first name basis with producers and editors who cover your category. You can find names online at the media website, at the end of a broadcast or in the printed publication. You can also easily call the media outlet and ask for the name and email of the morning show producer or the food editor. Do a little homework on your own. When you get the interview, send a follow up “thank you” email and keep their name and contact info in a spreadsheet of media contacts.

Good habits go a long way to securing interviews and opening the door to a reciprocal relationship with media in your area.