Brand Message

Your Brand Voice is Best Shared with Storytelling

Many believe their brand is a catchy phrase, a logo, or a palette of colors, and while this is all true, your brand is so much more. A brand story is the promise of the experience your client will have and the ultimate outcome they will receive, because of working with your company and interacting with your services and packages.

A great Brand Voice tells the story a client’s transformational experience

This is especially important in the personal development marketplace. Individuals are seeking self-improvement with robust enthusiasm. They want to jump in and find more happiness, increased fitness, more income, and better sex, basically all the ways they can expand and enrich their lives. If you are a Coach, Author, or Speaker, you already know that your clients want to discover more purpose and more joy in their everyday lives.

Your Brand Voice and your Brand Message need to immediately identify the transformation your business offers in clear and concise words and experiential stories. For example, “The Best Shape of Your Life” is a better brand message than “100 sit-ups”. Self-improvement seekers are looking for outcomes, and are not necessarily focused on the journey required to achieve these results.

Find yourself and be that.

The Self-Improvement Marketplace annual study by Marketdata, LLC predicts this market will reach 13 billion in 2022. With self-improvement books, personal coaching, and motivational speakers taking in a large share. This annual report is recommended reading for anyone who is in this niche and wants to better understand its dynamics. You can locate the report in our resources section. It consists of personal goals and activities in health, focus, productivity, weight loss, and habits, to name a few, that help you reach your human potential and create a more vivid life and expand on human capital. It’s self-help for people who are seeking the path to realizing their dreams and aspirations.

Your Brand Voice is the bullseye of this target and people who are seeking the results you promise will line up to become your clients. The key to success is to be specific and targeted in your business services and packages and to use storytelling to share your results.

Here’s an Example:

Your Life is a Rich and Colorful
Tapestry of Experiences.

Which Stories will you
Share with the World?

We can help you identify and cultivate a powerful brand voice and then craft the stories to include in your brand story, which showcase you as the resource your ideal clients have been seeking. It can be challenging to identify this on your own and often our outside perspective dials everything in with crystal clarity.