Writing a book is a solitary endeavor that entails a lot of hard work, worry, joy and every emotion in between. Once you finish your master opus, you can feel proud and content that you have accomplished an awesome feat. Now what?

Books are written to be read by others, right? How do you get others to read your book? One way is to get the word out about your book via publicity. Easier said than done but definitely doable. Start by laying the ground work to become an expert in your topic.

This type of exposure usually requires the help of a professional marketing firm who specializes in personal brand building. Branding yourself as an expert is not a fast and easy task but there are a few steps you can take on your own to get started:

  • Send a press release to all relevant media including book reviewers, lifestyle editors, local morning show producers, magazine editors and bloggers.   You many also want to include a print copy of the book or free download for the media that you want to review the book.
  • Post on social media that your book is available and don’t be afraid to ask your network to pass it on to any media contacts they have on their list. You would be surprised at who is connected to whom in your area.
  • Check out empowerment or career fairs with guest speakers. Maybe your content would be appropriate or your personal history of becoming an author may be relevant thereby providing an excellent opportunity for attention. And any speaking engagement can be used in your media kit.

The road to becoming an expert is not easy. You will likely need some help from a professional. However, you can also get started on your own and start building your brand as an expert as soon as your book is published.