Meet Angela Howard

Confidence Coach

Angela Howard, BS in Psychology, Masters in Business and Finance is now a practicing Somatic movement therapist and educator who developed her confidence training on the go. From high school cheerleading, dance performance, and delivering sales presentations at corporate Coca-Cola, she learned the importance of body language and expression. As the Executive Director for a river protection and preservation organization, she discovered that her conviction for a cause fortified every word she said without rehearsal. Raising money and environmentally advocating statewide, cultivated her confidence to shift awareness and achieve action.

Becoming a Somatic movement therapist was a perfect marriage of her psychology and dance training and has provided the platform for her heart’s desire to give her clients the tools and skills to cultivate their own confidence and share their gifts. She founded WildHeart Expressive Movement and created the Somatic Expressive Therapy to release stuck traumas, facilitate change in habits and beliefs, and to bring joy and passion to everyday living. She loves working with aspiring and seasoned messengers using her expressive method to edify and amplify their unique brand voice.