Creating a media savvy sound bite can be challenging. It takes practice to get the right feel and nuance but it is not impossible. Look around you. When you talk to friends or colleagues about your industry, pop culture or any other topic, you might find an untapped comment that would has the makings of a great sound bite. Start with these six steps to creating a sound bite for guidance:

• Duration of sound bite

Sounds bites should be around 10-15 seconds. Editors and producers will normally edit a segment without your suggestions so if you can insert sound bites into your interviews that cover the topic succinctly they may likely recognize the short burst of information and use that in the edited final interview.

• Content of sound bite

Think about what information should be included. With a short window of opportunity, think about a few different sound bites that you can use depending on the line of questioning from the interviewer. Always be prepared to use that sound bite at any moment!

• Practice

Have a colleague or trusted friend “interview” you and try to throw those sound bites into the interview. Get accustomed to using these sounds as bridges or transitions to the next topic or to stay on topic with the interviewer.

Once you have you have a list of sound bites, take it to the next level and…

• Be yourself.

Let your personality shine through so the viewer or listener connects with you.

• Be focused.

Again it takes practice and diligence to start creating and using sound bites like a pro. Don’t give up!

• Be passionate.

If you have sincere interest and knowledge behind your sound bite, your audience will know it and respond to you.
Creating sound bites is not easy but can truly pay off with memorable content for your interview. Give it a try!

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