It is exciting to be interviewed and get your “15 minutes of fame” in front of the camera. The best way to maximize the opportunity is to be organized before the cameras start rolling. A little bit of prep work will go a long way to appearing professional, knowledgeable and establish you as a subject matter expert that media will want to call time and time again for interviews.

Do yourself a favor and organize your content prior to the interview. Put a game plan together. Think of each interview as a presentation and approach it as if you are delivering a speech or as a public speaking engagement.

Here are three tips to remember when organizing your content:

• Consider what you want to communicate.

Know your core message and relevant information. Have a short “what, when and why” explanation ready preferably in a 15-30 second sound bite.

• Consider what you don’t want to communicate.

Determine what information is sensitive or proprietary that you do not want to share like sales figures or processes.

• Type out any messaging and talking points and all important dates and locations.

Memorize them thoroughly.

As you court the media, be ready for any interview opportunities that may present themselves. We live in 24 hour news cycle so reporters and producers can call you before, during or after regular “business hours” for your thoughts and opinions. Or they may have last minute time frames to fill. If you are organized before your interviews, you will be ready short notice to take advantage of a great media opportunity, or at least be very prepared for a scheduled media appearance.