10 Blunders You’re Making During Your Virtual Presentations

Whether you use Zoom, WebEx, or the other teleconference platforms available, the same blunders come up over and over. You can avoid making the same missteps if you recognize these 10 blunders before your next presentation.

  1. Not pacing yourself

Practice your talk so you know how long it take. That means understand your pacing. Nothing is worse than running over your allotted time, impacting other speakers because of it, or worse having your presentation ended prematurely. It leaves your audience feeling unsatisfied and expectations unmet.

  1. Presentation is too long

Short but sweet is best. Participants are not as willing to sit in front of a computer for the same amount of time they will in a meeting room or auditorium. Leave them wanting more by condensing your talk especially if there are several speakers or it is a panel discussion.

  1. Not getting to the point

Much like talking for too long because you have so much to say, not getting to the point and delivering filler content can be just as frustrating. Craft a presentation that is clear and concise as to what you want the audience to take away from your talk.

  1. Not having an agenda

Participants want to know what they are getting and what is coming next. Some are even taking notes so help them to follow along more easily by providing a brief agenda of the important highlights you will cover.

  1. Background distractions

Create a quiet space to work from when delivering your presentation. Be mindful of the background that the audience will see. Keep controversial photos or objects out of the presentation environment.

  1. Your distractions

Stay focused during your presentation especially if you are on a panel. During the call you may still be in a visible frame even when you are not speaking so don’t look around or at your phone when you are not speaking.

  1. Not enough lighting

You lose participants mentally when the screen shows you as a shadowy figure. Make sure you have plenty of lighting. A mix of artificial light and natural light usually provides a softer but brightly lit appearance. Feel free to put additional lamps just out of viewing range to add more light.

  1. Not dressing appropriately

Dress based on your audience. If it is a corporate event, business casual is always a good idea. If it is a community presentation, casual but clean and unwrinkled clothing is a wise choice. Dress comfortably but not messy.

  1. Not staying in frame

Center yourself in the frame of the camera and make sure your background is evenly spaced behind you. Know the boundaries of your camera frame and how much space you have from left to right while remaining in the frame.

  1. Not understanding the technology beforehand

If possible, request a dry run to understand how the host uses the technology, how they will support you during the call, and get comfortable with the process.


Kristen White is a Content Catalyst and Powerful Interviewer. She can quickly add the crisp clarity, magic dust and unique brand elements to any message, book, product or campaign.

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