Do You Have a Professional Video of you Speaking on a Stage before a Live Audience?

Most speaking agents, event planners, and TED Talk hosts ask for your video of a recent talk before a live audience before they will even consider you for their stage.
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Create a Year of Video in 30 Days

Break through your fear & resistance
to being on camera

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Create a Year of Video in 30 Days

Break through your
fear & resistance
to being on camera

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RTS Pro Speaker Video has a proven track record. Our speakers have been featured on TED and TEDx, Vistage Stages, Fortune 500 Conferences, and major media outlets.

Jodi Scholes

How Your Pain Might Be Telling a Story

In this talk, Jodi will bring you along a journey of an ancient concept that every part of the body can have specific triggers.

Dr. Michael DeMaria

Music Heals

Dr. Michael DeMaria shares why music is sound with a soul, and has the capacity to heal us from the inside out.

Todd Kane

Finding Integrity in Difficult Conversations

In this talk, Todd insightfully breaks down how to work through your fears and find a bridge between people’s truths, even if they differ.

John Livesay

Be The Lifeguard of Your Own Life!

There is no such thing as a comfort zone and your life will probably be disrupted. You have to blend your intellect with your instinct.

André van Hall

André van Hall is a Vistage speaker and as the “Curiosity Instigator” he challenges CEOs to be curious, inquisitive, seek new answers, and be open to change. He believes that curiosity leads to breakthrough thinking and propels leaders to be change leaders at the forefront of change.

Dr. Kim Nugent

Kim Nugent, Ed.D is a successful business consultant, international keynote speaker, and professional trainer. She brings forth over 30 years of consistent excellence in the field of management and leadership.

Holly G. Green

An experienced business leader and behavioral scientist, Holly Green has a rare combination of extensive academic training and in-the-trenches experience working in and leading organizations. As a keynote speaker, trainer, and consultant, Holly is hired by organizations that want to compete more effectively in today’s uncertain markets.

Mike Hawkins

is award-winning author of “Activating Your Ambition: A Guide to Coaching the Best Out of Yourself and Others”, author of the “SCOPE of Leadership” six-book series on coaching leaders to lead as coaches, and president of Alpine Link Corporation. Mike is considered an industry thought leader on leadership, consultative selling, and business management.


RTS Pro Speaker Video™ is a powerful professional tool that gives you TEDx speaker training and then helps you create the video footage you need to be competitive as a public speaker.

The National Speakers Association told a recent Studio Week graduate, “this is the best speakers reel we’ve ever seen.”

And, we’re honored to work with seasoned speakers as well as those in the nascent stage of speaking professionally.



As an expert, you must be prepared to take advantage of every speaking invitation and media opportunity that comes your way. We help you with your on-stage performance and your on-camera media interview. You will complete our speaker training program with a professional video reel ready for speaking engagements and television news appearances.


Media Coach Kristen White has 20 years of on-camera experience as an award-winning journalist. Kristen has been a reporter on WPEC and WPTV and has since gone on to host her own shows. She will work with you to polish your performance and make sure your message is ready for professional speaking events.


Media Coach Kristen White will help you reach the audience you want with your strongest message possible. She will work with you to make sure that anything you do, talk about, want to be, and think about is tailored from your own words for your on-camera interview or professional speaking video.


February 8 & 9, 2024

May 2 & 3, 2024



a custom talk to get you invited onto the most visible stages in the world.


on stage with professional hair and makeup artists to polish your look.


on stage before a LIVE audience while being recorded with broadcast cameras which capture you and your audience.


speaking gigs with video of you on stage from multiple cameras, with a live audience and professional sound, lighting, and post-production editing.

You can’t Sell anything if you can’t Tell anything.


We’re experts at handling all aspects of your speaker and trainer video production needs.

Each Studio Week is limited to an intimate group of speakers to ensure personal attention to every story. We’ve had the privilege of working with many graduates who are achieving their dreams of speaking on stage. Our alumni report quick results – landing TED Talks and significantly increasing their speaker fees.


Online Training Videos

Work at your own pace to develop and hone your public speaking skills


Live Group Calls

Attend regular Zoom calls to get your questions answered


In-Person Practice Sessions

Get on stage and practice your talk


Private Coaching Calls

Media Coach Kirsten White will help you fine-tune your talk one-on-one


Professional Video Production

Get on stage in front of a live audience and a multi-camera production team to deliver & film your talk


Professional Editing

Your talk delivered to you, edited. and ready to share with the event organizers


Get on Stage When You're Ready

Start with training or sign up immediately to get on-stage at our next Studio Week Production Event.

This Professional Video is The Breakthrough
You Need to Get Booked on Bigger Stages
AND Get Paid Higher Fees


It's Like Your Personal Highlight Reel

Think of a professional speaking video as your own highlight reel. It shows off your style, your energy, and how you vibe with an audience. It’s way better than just telling someone you’re a great speaker – you’re showing them in full HD!

Your Ticket to Bigger Stages

Having this video is like having a golden ticket. It’s your way of reaching out to event organizers far and wide, even in places you’ve never been. It’s not just about local gigs anymore; this could open doors globally.

More Than Just Words

Let’s face it, a video is way more engaging than an email or a flyer. It gives event planners a real taste of what you bring to the table. It’s like they’re getting a front-row seat to your show, even from their office.

Saves You Time and Hassle

Instead of going to a bunch of networking events or setting up endless meetings, your video does the heavy lifting. Share it on LinkedIn, your website, anywhere really, and let it work its magic 24/7.

Boosts Your Brand Like Crazy

Your video isn’t just a pitch tool; it’s a branding powerhouse. It showcases who you are, what you stand for, and what makes you different. It’s like a commercial for your personal brand.


We videotape, edit, and package your entire presentation into a polished and professional product for you to use to market and grow your brand as a professional speaker. We can duplicate and package it in any format. We can even translate it into almost any language.


Your speakers voice is the sun that shines on your business, illuminating everything in its path.
Don’t let it be a dim light – turn up the wattage and make it shine.

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Break through your fear & resistance to being on camera

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